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16.02.2020 16:05 Alter: 293 days
Kategorie: Englisch, Exkursionen

“Pretty Shrewd” played by Vienna’s English Theatre

On January the 27th 2020, the students of the Borg Egg set off to see Vienna’s English Theatre in Andelsbuch. Before we watched the play, our English teachers had given us a script to read called “Pretty Shrewd”, written by Clive Duncan. Enthusiastically, the students of our school then made their way to the annual theatre performance.

The modern-day adaption of Shakespeare’s “The Taming of the Shrew” was played by four gifted actors. Each of them played their role so authentically that their acting skills inspired all the students. Not only are these Brits brilliant actors, but each of them turned out to be an amazing musician as well. Furthermore, the different settings on stage made them appear professional.

The moment when Luke found out that his best friend Pete is having a relationship with his sister Bianca, was unbelievably entertaining. Filled with emotions, which seemed real, did Pete consider participating in a folk contest with Kate and ended up getting tamed by her. Overall, everyone enjoyed this theatre visit and we would call it a show worth seeing. (Valentin Yashin, 8bn)




Valentin Yashin